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    "Lie still."
    "...You cannot be her. She is far away. Sh... she is far, far away from me. She walks in starlight in another world. ...It was just a dream." With a weak attempt, Kili manages to entwine his stubby fingers with Tauriel's long, slender ones.
    "Do you think she could've loved me?"
    Tauriel looks about, unsure what to say or even if she did, how to put it. The dwarf is obviously tired and love-struck. Saying "no" would not only be false, but rude. "Well, you are very kind and brave. No wonder how anyone could love you."
    "No," Kili moans, "Tauriel is beautiful and graceful and perfect as I am ugly and clumsy and imperfect. I do not care of what anyone thinks from her mind alone."
    The others in the household--Bard's kids, Oin, Fili, and Bofur--secretly listen into the conversation, perplexed as to why the two of them refer to the she-elf as if she is not there.
    "You must already have a girl," Tauriel says, trying to avoid the initial question.
    "No," Kili confirms, "I can't get myself to like a dwarvish damsel."
    She pictures a hairy, stout she-dwarf in her head with a gnarly bit of face-hair. How terrible his options would be. No wonder little dwarves are wed, Gloin being the only in the company, for example.
    "I understand," she answers, cleaning off the table of things she used to save Kili's life. Oin comes over to help, emptying bowls of their contents and storing bandages and the like into cabinets.
    "If you understand," he says, "then you, Tauriel, cannot love me, can you?"
    She feels the weight of the question pull at her. Aside from all important things, Tauriel isn't speaking in third person and Kili is beginning to acknowledge her presence.
    "You hardly have a beard, making that barely a connection," she says, "Besides, seeing a woman with a beard would be a new experience for me. Sounds very, very strange..."
    The young prince chuckles weakly, shifting his head on the bag and walnuts slightly. "That's true, but nonetheless I am your opposite."
    "Opposites attract, do they not?" The two of them smile softly at one-another. "I'll be right back," Tauriel tells him, "I should respectfully help clear the rest of this mess."
    As she walks off to help Oin, Fili approaches his brother. "Hello, brother," he greets Kili, "How's your leg?"
    "A lot better," he answers, "thanks to Tauriel."
    "I over-heard your little poetry session," Fili says with a laugh, "I didn't know you could talk like that." Kili falls silent due to embarrassment. "I thought it was sweet. It's different to see my little brother acting like that."
    Kili forces himself to lazily sit up and as soon as he gathers the strength, he throws himself at Fili for a hug. "I-I thought I was a goner," the youngest says in-between stifled cries, "I thought that I'd never see you or anyone else again."
    "It's alright," Fili assures him, trying to keep back his own uncontrollable emotions and doubts by being the strong one, "It's okay. You, me, all of us will make it. I... I promise." While she cleans, Tauriel gets a glimpse of the scene. Kili is more than a greedy, expectable dwarf. Much more. The two princes stay there awhile in their embrace, Bofur's voice more able to be heard as he quietly comforts Bard's children and tells a load of tales.
    Right as the brothers pull apart, Tauriel treks back at Kili's side. "We'll talk later, brother," Fili says as he departs to the other side of the room with Bofur and the gang.
    "What do you think of that blonde-headed elf?" Kili asks right away, "The one that came in here with you to fight those Orcs."
    "Legolas?" Tauriel says, "Well, he's nice, protective, and devoted, but not necessarily my type."
    "What makes him not your type?"
    "For starters, Thranduil, Legolas' father, would never let us be. Second off, there's just something... missing between us."
    "And what would that be?"
    "A real deep passion inside both of us," she confirms, "Some sort of spark."
    "I have an undying passion for you," he informs her.
    "How can you love me so much when I don't even know your name?" she questions with a smile like no other.
    "Kili," he says, "My name's Kili. Too bad we had to meet how we did, without proper introductions."
    Tauriel giggles, feeling unnaturally close to a dwarf than she thought was possible for an elf. She feels all those wonderful emotions tugging at her heart. Kili sits there, drifting off into that world of starlight by staring into her eyes. The two of them find themselves slowly leaning forward, Tauriel bending more than the dwarf. Soon, their lips touch.
    Unsure how long the kiss lasts, when they pull away, Kili's eyes are still shut. "I never imagined my first kiss to be quite so magical."
    "Then how did you imagine it?" Tauriel questions with her lips glued into a smile.
    "Prickly or hairy or revolting."
    She she-elf giggles, pulling one dark strand of hair behind Kili's ear. "I take it you enjoyed it."
    Kili laughs, opening his eyes to the face of an angel. "I think I did more than enjoy it."
    An unknown vibration shakes the house, causing a small ruckus that hints unto what is happening far over the Misty Mountain. Tilda, the youngest one of Bard's, whines, pulling her doll close to her chest. Her sister and brother huddle together on the ground as if a force field is protecting them, Bofur even joining in. Oin sits on a wooden chair next to the bundle of beings. Tauriel looks about until her and Kili's eyes re-meet. Fili, without a doubt, rushes to his brother's side. Kili reaches for Tauriel's hand again and his free hand grasps Fili's. At the moment, all they can do is hope and pray for everyone's safety.
    You, me, all of us will make is. I...
    I promise.

Characters belong to; J.R.R. Tolkien
The first few paragraph's dialog belong to; script-writers of The Hobbit; DoS
Story is all mine

God bless
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